Royal Dutch Mint launches first NFT coin

The Royal Dutch Mint launched the very first Dutch NFT coins. The collection of 4.000 pieces is inspired by the collaboration with organization Free a Girl. Never before an NFT was released by the producer of Dutch coins. With the reveal of the digital coin, also the sales of the Free a Girl coincard have started.

Houten, 20th of November 2023

The new NFT coin is a unique combination of a physical medal and a digital NFT. With purchasing a Free a Girl coincard at the Royal Dutch Mint website, you can directly claim an NFT, thanks to the QR code on the coincard. Five different NFT’s of the Royal Dutch Mint come together in a unique collection. The NFT’s represent ambitious young women that have been freed by Free a Girl.


Digital coin collection

With the launch of an NFT, the Royal Dutch Mint wants to make the collection of coins available to a wider audience. “We are always looking for ways to innovate. With this NFT, it is possible to start a unique, digital coin collection. It has become a special concept where both the physical and digital issue tell the story of Free a Girl”, Bert van Ravenswaaij, Mint Master at the Royal Dutch Mint, stated.

For the NFT’s, the Royal Dutch Mint uses THX Network software. Mieszko Czyzyk, co-owner of THX Network, says: “It’s amazing to contribute to a historical institute like the Royal Dutch Mint, with the digitalizing of century-old craftmanship: the minting and releasing of coins. And this combined with a good cause: I wish everyone a happy collecting.


Free a Girl

The NFT’s of the Royal Dutch Mint are based on the collaboration with Free a Girl. Free a Girl supports activist organizations worldwide that do everything in their power to free girls. Employees of these organizations risk their lives to go undercover in brothels or conduct online research. If there is sufficient evidence of sexual exploitation, the teams literally kick in doors to free girls. Free a Girl also focuses on awareness of the problems of sexual exploitation and gives young girls a future via their special School for Justice programs.


To support the important work and the 15th anniversary of Free a Girl, the Royal Dutch Mint launches a very special medal in coincard. The limited edition medal is available on the Royal Dutch Mint website.


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