Writer Splinter Chabot strikes first coin for 50 years recognition COC

Amsterdam – Dutch writer Splinter Chabot strikes first 50 years recognition COC 5 Euro Coin. The first strike took place in Hotel Mercier in Amsterdam, the place where the COC HQ was located for a long time.

Amsterdam, 27 October 2023

Dutch writer Splinter Chabot struck the first 50 years recognition COC 5 Euro coin. The first strike took place in the Mercier Hotel in Amsterdam. The commemorative coin was designed by Coen van Ham and is commissioned by the Ministry of Finance. The 50 years recognition COC 5 Euro coin is available on www.royaldutchmint.com and www.knm.nl.


COC (Directly translated to Culture and Relaxation Centre) The Netherlands is founded as the Shakespeare Club on December 7th 1946 by the reader’s club of magazine Levensrecht (Right to Live). This makes the COC the oldest, still existing LGBTI+ movement in the world. The organization uses the name COC since 1949 and is active in advocacy, equal rights and social acceptance of lesbian, gay, bi+, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI+).


Milestones and challenges through the years 

In the 50’s and 60’s, there was a great taboo on homosexuality. The arrival of the commemorative coin for COC in 2023 is the very opposite of a taboo. It shows the progress the organization has made and the steps that have been taken in the right direction. The connecting, pioneering and representative role that the COC has, created many great initiatives, such as Purple Friday for acceptance at school, a legal ban on discrimination and the anchoring of LGBTI+ rights in de Constitution. COC is also internationally active. This way, LGBTI+ organizations in more than 35 countries receive the support they need. 50 years after receiving its own recognition, the COC is able to help organizations in other countries with the same subject


The design

The 50 years recognition of COC 5 Euro coin  is designed by Coen van Ham. The designer reflects on the development the COC has gone through during the recognition in 1973. The coin was designed as swirling confetti: the different kinds of confetti represent the milestones that the COC has achieved over the years.

The obverse shows the portrait of King Willem-Alexander, build from swirling confetti. Around the portrait, the text “Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands”, is written, in a specially designed font. The reverse contains the COC logo in the middle. Around the logo are several symbols. These represent the milestones that COC has achieved, for example the opening of civil marriage to same-sex couples in 2001 (the two rings) and the obligation of LGBTI+ education in schools in 2012 (the booklet).



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